Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved in motorsport but don’t know were to start? We have members who are competitors, marshals, officials, scrutineers and many more roles at all levels even up to FIA, and would be willing to pass on their knowledge to help newcomers.

I you want to discuss things further with someone, please contact a member of the committee and they will put you in touch with the most appropriate person to help you out. We can also arrange for you to be buddied up with an experienced member and even trial event to see if you like it.

Further information can be found on the Motorsport UK website

Join Trackrod

Would you like to become a member of Trackrod Motor Club.

Become a Competitor on Rallies

To get involved in Stage Rallying, you’ll need a full DVLA driving licence. Then you need to buy a Go Rallying starter pack from Motorsport UK, pass a BARS test and then apply for a RS Inter Club Stage Rally Competition Licence. If you just want to co-drive, you can apply for a Navigator’s licence without having to pass the BARS course. Until you are eligible for a RS National Stage Rally Competition Licence you will also need to to join a motor club (like Trackrod Motor Club).

You can compete as a driver from age 14 in a Junior Stage Rally

To start in Road Rallying you need to join a motor club (like Trackrod Motor Club). If you want to be a driver you will need to have a full driving licence and be at least 17 years of age but you can compete as a navigator from as young as 12. You then need to apply for your RS Clubman Licence

Steve Pawson & Graham Wride © Paul Lawrence
Course Car © Phill Andrews
David Dobson & Jonathan Turnbull © Paul Lawrence

Become an Accredited Motorsport UK Rally Marshal/Radio Operator

Motorsport UK run an online training and accreditation scheme for Rally Marshals. The purpose of the training is to ensure that all Rally Marshals have a common understanding of their roles and responsibilities, the management of spectators and how to handle and manage an incident.

There are four modules: Roles & Responsibilities of the Marshal, Spectator Management, Incident Management and Incident Handling, as well as an online assessment. It should take a maximum of one hour to complete.

To get started, CLICK HERE to log in to the Learning Hub and then follow the relevant links. If you cannot remember your password, please contact the Motorsport UK Membership Services Team on 01753 765 050. If you are brand new to Motorsport UK, you will need to register for a username and password.

Once you have completed the four modules successfully, why not register with Motorsport UK as a card-carrying Accredited Rally Marshal? By registering with Motorsport UK you will:

  1. Receive a Marshal’s tabard, registration card and Personal Record Card (PRC), so you can keep a log of your activity as a valued volunteer in the sport
  2. Receive access to Motorsport UK’s Member Benefits Scheme
  3. Receive the monthly Motorsport UK newsletter and quarterly magazine

So how do you register?

  • Log back in to the members website
  • Select the ‘Marshals’ tab to visit the REGISTERED MARSHALS RENEWAL page
  • Select option one: First Time Rally/Cross Country Online Application
  • Confirm your personal details and upload a photograph.

There are many roles a marshal can do from been within the stage, start/finish crew, time/passage control and many more. The more experience you gain can lead to progressing to other roles such as Stage Commander or Safety Officer. With further training there are other roles you can do, see below.


Marshal Requests

These events are looking for helpers.


Other Official Roles

With experience you can progress to other official roles, which there is a training structure in place to assist you in your development.

Some of the roles available are a follows:

  • Clerk of the Course
  • Club Safeguarding Officer
  • Radio Controllers & Coordinators
  • Rescue & Recovery Crews
  • Stewards
  • Scrutineers
  • Timekeepers

There are many other roles that are available (too many to mention), if you are interested in any please get in touch with a member of our committee