Marshals Information

This event is to be held on Sunday 5th April and will be a round of ANCC, EMAMC and ANWCC Stage Rally Championships.

There are many changes taking place at Melbourne at present so it is likely that the stages this year will be distinctly different and perhaps more entertaining than previous events at Melbourne. Despite or perhaps assisted by these changes, we are still intending to run at least 8 stages with a total mileage of greater than 50 miles – your support is going to be even more important this year so please come along.

As we will be implementing the latest MUK safety improvements, plenty of in stage and radio Marshals will be required and as usual there will be Marshals goodies as well as a Marshals draw.

If you and any members of your team are current, registered marshals and have completed the online training, could you please advise me when you reply along with your registered number and details of any one attending with you under the age of 18.

If you are not registered or have, or have not, completed the online training please let me know, it is not a problem, you are still very welcome to assist as we will be able to buddy you up with more experienced Marshals. Again, could you please give details of any one attending with you under the age of 18. We would recommend that you complete the online marshal accreditation on the MUK website, go to:-

This should only take a short while and will give you trainee status.

If you are able to help, could you please contact me at :- or on 07901 372919.

Details of the venue and directions

Richard Hart
Chief Marshal